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Mprogress.js creates progress linear bar from Google Material Design.

By using CSS3 and pure js which don't depend on any other libraries.

You can use 4 types of linear bar.

Type1: Determinate


Source code:

var mprogress = new Mprogress();

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start end set inc

mprogress.start() — Start and show progress bar.

mprogress.end() — Finish and hide bar.

mprogress.set(0.4) — Set a percentage. — Increase by a little.

Type2: Buffer


Source code:

var mprogress2 = new Mprogress({

template: 2,

parent: '#demoBuffer'

start end set inc setBuffer

Type3: Indeterminate


Source code:

var mprogress3 = new Mprogress({

template: 3,

parent: '#demoIn'

start end

Type4: Query Indeterminate and Determinate


Source code:

var mprogress4 = new Mprogress({

template: 4,

parent: '#demoQuery'

start end

More details

See more details on github!